For Recreation

For Recreation

The favourite place of all locals and the Veles hotel guests for taking strolls and having a good time is Alyoshkinskiy Forest which is a part of the natural-historical park “Tushino”. The park covers 240 hectares and it has a lot of unique plants and trees that are over a hundred years old.

Those who enjoy active recreation may visit sports-grounds or a football field. To make outdoor recreation more comfortable Alyoshkinskiy Forest offers an equipped picnic area. Thus our guests can visit real woodland and commune with nature without leaving the boundaries of Moscow.

One of the distinctive features of park-hotel “Veles” is its multi-level winter garden in the hotel’s atrium which creates the atmosphere of cosiness and harmony.

There is a municipal indoor swimming pool “Akvatoriya” that is very close to the Veles hotel (8 Vilisa Latsisa St.). The hotel guests can use its services: the charge for a single visit to the swimming pool for adults is 250 rubles. If necessary, you can also use the services of a swimming instructor.

There is also a shopping mall within a walking distance from the hotel (it’s near Planernaya metro station). The mall hosts a lot of different shops and places for entertainment and recreation.